French Horn

Prospective Students

Making the decision to continue your studies is a big one. Hopefully this website can help answer some questions about what it's like to study horn and live in Victoria!

Application deadline is January 31st and recoreded auditions are due February 15th. Click here to find out more!

Why Victoria?

As British Columbia's capital, Victoria has much to offer. The greater area, comprised of 13 municipalties, has a little bit of everything and there are many great places one might consider exploring. For the outdoorsy types, the local areas boasts dozens of parks and beaches, cycle and walking paths, easily accessible hiking, and more. Culture-wise, Victoria is home to some world-class arts organizations including the Victoria Symphony, Pacific Opera Company, Belfry Theatre, Royal BC Museum, and the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Below are some of the city's own resources to help get you aquainted to all the area has to offer!

Living Here

As with most cities these days, Victoria does face challenges related to housing. The University strives to help students find suitable accomodation for their studies, some of these resources can be found here:

What's on

Interested in seeing what music events are happening in the city? Check out the events page for a calendar of what's going on. *I do my best to keep this up to date and filled with everything I can find, but there are almost certainly things I miss!

Why Music? Why the Horn?

These are big questions! There is no question that playing the horn is a thrilling way to spend one's time. Beyond the joy of it (of which I hope there is plenty!), choosing to study music is to continue in a tradition that reaches back into time. It is my own opinion that everyone, no matter their background, has the right to be a part of this continued lineage. This traditon, of course, is not without its challenges and universities everywhere are examining how they fit into an ever-evolving world. My biggest hope for the next generation of horn players is for them to have resiliency and creativity to leverage the tradition of western classical music into fulfilling careers of all shapes and sizes. To this end, you may find it valuable to take a look at the alumni perspectives page where alumni from various years and career paths give a bit of insight into how studying the horn at UVic impacted their life.

Why UVic?

The University of Victoria is a vibrant and exciting place to study. The breath-taking campus is a gem within the city, which is not somethignto be taken for granted considering how much time students tend to spend there! The School of Music is well-equipped and boasts many opportunities for students to learn and grow. In essence, this entire website is designed to get at the heart of what it's like to study horn at UVic, so this section will help you to naviaget it's many pages.

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  • The various events that are going on at the school of music and beyond can be found in the Events tab.
  • Information about the various degrees on offer from the school of music is located under About > Programs.
  • The horn studio at UVic has been around for a while, check out Alumni Perspectives to see what past students have to say about their experiences!
  • There have been 3 horn instructors at UVic over the years, learn about them at About > Instructors (Past and Present).
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