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The UVic Library

The UVic library is an amazing resource chalk full of over 2 million print volumes and a whole host of connections to online resources. Scores, books, CDs (what are those?)... you name it, and the librarians here can probably help you find it. If it's not available at the library, there's a good chance that they know how to procure it! On this page I call upon the expertise of music librarian —and horn player!— Bill Blair, who has created some amazing guides for navigating the library's seemingly endless stacks.

Using the Library

The library is available for use by all UVic students and faculty. Alumni can get an Alumni One Card and community members or visitors to the Universtiy can get specific community cards to meet their needs, too.

Call Number Ranges

The library, and generally all libraries, are organized by subject and each item is given a unique call-number. The result of this is that one can use the call number to tell a bit about an item before even reading it's title!

The call numbers that we're most concerned with are are going to start with M (scores), ML (Music Literature), or MT (Music Texts).

Category Call Numbers
Horn w/ piano M255 - M259
Duets - two winds M288 - M289
Duets - winds and strings M290 - M291
Concertos w/ full orchestra M1028
Concertos (usually w/ reduction) M1029
Concertos w/ string orchrestra M1128
Concertos (usually w/ reduction) M1129
History and criticism ML955-ML958
Studies and methods MT420-MT432
Orchestral excerpts MT426

The music librarian, Bill Blair, has compiled all this information in a series of handy libguides. The complete collection can be found here!

Online Resources

The library provides students with access to an array of online resources with insitution level memberships. This means you can log into services that you might otherwise have to pay for completely free with your UVic credentials!

The full list of online music resources can be found here!

Borrowing Equipement

More than books and scores can be found at the library. You can borrow all sorts of AV equipment, from cameras, tripods, and projectors to green screens, calculators, and audio recorders!

Check it out here!

Additionally, Fine Arts students can access the SIM (Studio for Integrated Media) lab for even more technological resources. Two fully loaded computer labs (Sibelius, Finale, Adobe Suite, etc.) and a plethora of AV equipment for borrowing.

Check them out here!